Fiends & Animals - EP

by This Great Divide

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Recorded April 2018 at Deadpan Studios in Sudbury, ON.


released April 19, 2019

Brendan Belowos: Vocals, Guitar
Cody Marcoux: Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Kristopher Babiuk: Guitar, Vocals
Justin Rideout: Bass, Vocals
Thomas Falconer: Percussion

Engineered/Mixed by Matthew Wiewel at Deadpan Studios.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Written by Brendan Belowos and Cody Marcoux.
Music by Brendan Belowos, Cody Marcoux, Thomas Falconer, Kris Babiuk and Justin Rideout.
Produced/Arranged by This Great Divide.
Design by Cody Marcoux.

Copyright © 2019 Nootch Records


all rights reserved



This Great Divide Sudbury, Ontario

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Track Name: OHM
We viewed a landscape darling,
That line of sight's now narrowing.
Bad blood, stale oxygen,
high hopes feel real just like the wind.
Time and time again.

So tired of fixing mistakes,
we'll make them time and time again.
What's left but swing and swing and
swing and swing
and swing until you're dead.

Yet something calms me, aides me in the dark.
And slowly, duelling, motives make their mark.
Track Name: Fiends & Animals
The day begins for fiends and animals who claw and tear through hearts and minds.
It's all making sense, so simple, so credible. Just take a break and lose that mind.

Drop us a line, and see how long it takes for us to climb pass truth and lies.
Never alarmed to find that common ground. We'll storm the gates. Be brave not bound.

Well my eyes well up,
I'm slowly drinking from the same damn cup.
My heart's still beating in a world divide.
I see the look inside these strangers' eyes,
and such a feeling drowns my thoughts and goals.
Where's the heart, now where's the soul?
We'll never know.
Track Name: Hourglass
Bracing, don't aim to please nor transfer.
Tracing my steps in stones that brought me home.

Now I'll practice what I preach.
Talk about the times, offer words so sweet.
Merging into curves, swimming in my dreams,
soaking up the tones, frisbee on the beach,
screaming out of cars, living with the beast,
taken by the sounds buried from beneath.

Thirsting, for words in the desert of minds.
Cursing, all the stars that left us behind.

Layers burning. More years, learning. World's still turning.
You were wishing time was disengaged forever.

( If you want me to show you,
follow close behind.
Reaching, preying.
If death had felt this close before,
I'd see you underneath the soil
we're buried deep within. )
Track Name: No Difference
Let's shake and pop those lids,
and let our insides out for good.
Locking minds and talking heads.
Conversation meant for friends.
It won't make a difference.

Now shake and stir your own,
and let the lights turn themselves low.
At a slow and steady pace,
give it all away to grace.
It won't make a difference.

Now smoke's filling up the room,
everybody's leaving soon,
It'll just be me and you.
Track Name: Even If Your Voice Shakes
Wake up and feel the weight, god. Bring me a brand new sun to hang. Those brain cells latched to sickness. I calm them down with all I've got. Let's dance with demons, baby. We'll make so many new friends and kill the silence one more time.

Here I am, on the mend, lost in the city.
Such a long way down.
Waste a dime, do the crime, rise through the ceiling.
Such a long way down.

I tell those voices softly, "Let's take some time and bleed the well, light fires, sing 'til lungs die, and make this last past midnight." Lay flowers X marks the spot. Let's see this spark light up the dark. Let's kill this silence one more time.

Here I am, on the mend, lost in the city.
Such a long way down.
Waste a dime, do the crime, rise through the ceiling.
Such a long way down.

Thrash, smash, take it all. Break me down please.

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